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Chico Princess Parties offers princess birthday parties, events, and more, that will enchant not only your child, but mom and dad too! Take a look at our reviews, where customers give us some amazing feedback!


My daughter just had the most perfect 4th birthday party with Rapunzel and Flynn! Not only were Rapunzel and Flynn absolutely in character and were entertaining, but they did so many activities with the children. So worth the fee, which in my opinion was quite reasonable. I was able to enjoy this party so much more than parties in the past as I didn't have to facilitate every single activity and I could just enjoy watching my daughter in her element. I found Chico Princess Parties through Facebook and started attending their Princess Tea Parties, which are so much fun. They put so much detail in all of the events that they do, so I knew they were a perfect choice for a party. Thank you so much Chico Princess Parties! Can't wait for the next tea party! Oh, and don't be afraid that boys won't enjoy a princess party if you throw one for one of your littles. I am pretty sure that the boys at my party had the time of their lives enjoying the activities!

-Angie Shields

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The ice queen herself came to my daughter's 3rd birthday party. She walked up the driveway floating like a true queen and was never anything less. She read a story, played games and did face painting. My daughter had a coronation ceremony and every minute was special. There were many people at the party and it was the highlight. Many people were holding back tears because it was just so magical.

-Sarah Ledesma

My daughter had an amazing time at Chico Princess Parties event Polite Like a Princess Camp. This event was 5 days long and each day consisted of a different theme. Owners Kelley and Shannon were wonderful with the children, having different crafts and activities planned each day. After Tink Tuesday my daughter came home saying it was “the best day ever.” All the kids got their faces painted and hair done which she loved. During the week they also had a tea party and on Frozen Friday Anna came to visit the children. One lesson they learned was that giving compliments is magic because it makes people smile, my daughter has been giving compliments all week! Overall a wonderful experience, we will definitely be partaking in future events!

-Heather Vereschagin-Witham reviewed Chico Princess Parties LLC.— 5 star