Our Princesses

Sleeping Princess

29178685_1189994961131385_8212261878391373824_n (1).jpg

After sleeping under an evil curse, this maiden has become a true rose of beauty and strength.

Latina Princess

This princess is still learning the ropes on how to become the best ruler. With her friends by her side there's nothing she cant do!



More than just a provincial girl, this beauty fight for her freedom and true love.

The Snow Princess


This chocolate loving princess is always ready for an winter adventure or a hot summer day with her pal snowman. 

Polynesian Princess

A girl who loves her island and the sea. She is ready to take her place and teach your little wayfinders the way to becoming chiefs.



Finally ready to leave her tower, this princess loves to explore and find her dream!



A maiden or a princess? Try on your favorite glass slippers to see your wish come true.

Snow White


Mirror mirror, who is the fairest of them all? Join Snow White and her seven little friends on a mining trip through the woods.

Mermaid Princess


Look at this stuff isn't neat? Join this mermaid on the land or in the water to make a splash at your next event. 

Scottish Princess


Refusing to marry and be a queen, this girl loves riding her favorite horse and practicing archery.

The Ice Queen


This queen has unlocked her ice powers and is ready to rule her kingdom with her adorable sister at her side.