Meet The Owners!


Shannon Rowley |
Creative Director

Shannon first started this company with the intentions to spread magic to children and the child at heart. She has been involved in musical theater and the arts for over fifteen years. As a competitive dancer and teacher, Shannon learned the proper technique for costuming, choreography,  and presentation to an audience. She has always loved  being the fairy godmother and adding that special touch to your party. Her passion has always been for children's delight as their eyes come alive the first time they see a princess. 

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Kelley - Rose Sexton |
Executive Director

Kelley-Rose grew up in the performing arts at her moms dance studio in Southern California. She loved dancing and eventually teaching. Kelley also found she loved running a business and all the nitty gritty of bills, invoicing and payroll. With over twelve years managing two succesful mega dance studios in San Diego, Kelley is excited to bring her experience to the table and help Cinderella get home by Midnight with both shoes in hand. She is ecstatic to partner with her sister to bring the magic of fairy tales to life in Chico!

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